Since 1993, more than 100 million boys and girls in over 130 countries have experienced God’s love through the power of simple shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan’s Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver the gifts and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ.

You have heard about Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry and how we proudly promote and sponsor this ministry each year. Beginning January 2020, and continuing throughout the year we will have an ongoing donation opportunity of shoebox items with a special focus each month. Then, in October/November we will have an opportunity to assemble and pray for the boxes. The box on the right is an example of what each month might look like (subject to change).

Beginning this month look for more information in your Sunday school classes, website, social media (Facebook and Instagram) and at the church Welcome Center and foyer (worship/sanctuary area) entrances.

If you prefer to buy and pack your own shoebox by all means, please continue to do so. However, this is another ministry opportunity for us all to work together throughout the year and hopefully provide more shoeboxes than ever before!


  • January – hats, gloves, scarves
  • February – accessories
  • March – quality crafts
  • April – stuffed animals
  • May – hygiene items
  • June – toys
  • July – clothes
  • August – school supplies
  • September – games
  • October – letter & photo
  • November- drop off boxes to collection center
  • December-pray- the most important thing we can send with each box is prayer.


2020 Shoebox Ministry

Samaritan’s Purse

Operation Christmas Child

Summer 2020

Summer Items: children’s t-shirts (plain, no writing), smaller flip flops, small slip-on sandals, smaller balls, uninflated soccer balls & pumps, jump ropes, summer toys, sunglasses, hats / ball caps


WOW Items (fun special gifts): small cars, small dolls, small stuffed animals, small toys (puppets, trucks, small etch-a-sketch), kazoos / harmonica, yo-yos / slinkys, small lego kits, play doh, small games, toys that light up or make noise (with extra batteries), flashlights, musical instruments, playing cards, glow sticks


You can drop off your donations in the collection bin in the main hallway next to the Operation Christmas Child bulletin board.


Thank you in advance for your

generous donations.

We have three different age groups 
Boys and Girls ages 2-4 years
Boys and Girls ages 5-9 years
Boys and Girls ages 10-14 years
( our 10-14 boys is in most demand)