The Lottie Moon Christmas offering remains the lifeline of international missions. As always, 100 percent of the offering goes to the international missions budget. This pays for the missionaries’ language studies, travel and other items to make their ministry possible. It also pays for more basic needs…it pays their salaries, food, rent, clothing, and helps put their children through school. Your offering does all these things so the missionaries will not have to work one or more extra jobs just to survive. It preserves their calling by allowing them to devote themselves full time to their individual ministries.

Elizabeth River Baptist Church Offering Goal $4,000.00
Sunday, November 29, we begin the season of 

Advent is a time of anticipation


            We anticipate and long for the coming of Jesus Christ as our loving Lord.


We anticipate the celebration of Jesus’s birth, when he came into the world as our Lord and Savior.


            We anticipate the coming of Jesus in our walk of faith everyday.



Throughout Advent, take time to gather your family for prayer and to help others, especially those who have less. Today, many families are struggling with just the basic needs of everyday life.


ADVENT PRAYER: Place an Advent Wreath or just a single candle on a table and light it each night during Advent and pray the following prayer together.


            Lord our God, We praise you for your son, Jesus. He is Emmanuel, the hope of all people, the Savior of every nation. Let your light shine upon us and everyone. May this light be a sign of Christ’s promise. AMEN



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Before Christmas

In this 3 session Bible study, learn with Pat Hood that the virgin birth of Christ reveals an intentional God who anticipated mankind’s need for salvation—thus, the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Session One: Here’s the Situation
  • Session Two: Here’s the Problem
  • Session Three: Here’s the Reason


After Christmas
Author: Jeremy Royal Howard and Doug Powell
After Christmas is a powerful book for unbelievers who need an introduction to the birth of Christ and its implications, and believers who need further tutoring on the same points. This book is meant to impact both groups with insight on the “so what” of Christ’s birth for their lives and the world.

Each chapter ends with a few simple thought-provoking questions for individual reflection or small group discussion. The full Gospel of Luke is also included, making this the perfect leave-behind tool for personal evangelism. When Christ was born everything changed!
Tell Someone
Author: Greg Laurie
Understand, this book is not written to make you feel bad or condemn you if you have not engaged others with the gospel message. This book is written to encourage and inspire you.

Even though pastor and author Greg Laurie is a “gospel-presenting professional,” in this book he tells stories of his own failure and success. The most important things you will find here are biblical principles that you can apply yourself. Taken from the life and witness of Jesus, and tested over Greg’s forty years of ministry, in both one-on-one experiences and large-scale evangelistic arena and stadium events, these ideas are intended to mobilize every person in the church to “Tell Someone” about Jesus Christ.
I Will

Author: Thom Rainer

Could you be the answer to the problems you see?

Every day we are faced with the needs of those around us. Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. What are we to do about it? Are these problems for our pastors to address or is there a way for the church member to make an impact that will last?

Bestselling author Thom S. Rainer answers these questions by offering nine simple traits that you can incorporate into your life no matter your background, stage of life, or sense of capability.

You can do it. Now it’s time to just stand up and say you will!
Insanity of Obedience

Author: Nik Ripken

How do we begin to walk and work with God, especially in dangerous places? Based on the documentary The Insanity of God, this 6-session Bible study presents missionary Nik Ripken sharing true stories of people who are suffering for the name of Jesus.

This study is an invitation to open your heart, your mind, and your eyes to the realities of walking with Jesus in difficult places. Engage with Scripture and see what it means to be a true follower of Jesus, not just someone who believes certain truths. Discover the answers to key missiological and theological questions about living sacrificially for the cause of Christ.

Believers play a significant role in God’s divine purpose. Observe how Christians all over the world are not only surviving but also thriving in the midst of persecution.


Author: James Merritt
Have you ever felt that life was just too much? There’s not enough time, money, energy, or brain-power for the commitments, choices and responsibilities you have. Or maybe there’s not enough of your to go around. And just when you think you have things figured out, here comes a crisis, loss or disagreement. And it’s all too much again. But Jesus promised us a different kind of life. One where our burdens are His.  Tired of being overwhelmed? Find out how to place your deepest concerns at the feet of Jesus.